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Willow, the Pet of the Day
Name: Willow
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pinto Hedgehog
Home: Chesterfield, Michigan, USA
   Willow is simply a total sweetie, loves everyone. She is my "familiar" and filled the empty space my sun conure Phoenix left when she passed away in 2009. I was originally going to get a rat, but when I came across Willow's breeder and saw her, I knew there was no other pet for me. She came home with me a few days later.

    She is not difficult to care for, though she is a bit messy with her wheel. The only special care they require is they must be kept warm, above 70 degrees, so I keep a heating pad under her cage. If they get too cold, they will go into a forced hibernation, which could kill them. She eats a high protean, chicken based cat food, "hedgehog food" from the store is not good for them, too much grain, and they are more meat/insect eaters. Her favorite activity, besides running in her wheel at 3am (they are nocturnal) is "tubing". She enjoys sticking her head in an empty toilet paper tube and running around with it stuck on her head!

Willow, the Pet of the Day
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Willow, the Pet of the Day
Willow, the Pet of the Day

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