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Kyros, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kyros
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Hanoverian Warmblood
Home: Queensland, Australia
   Kyros is my amazing new 17hh black Hanoverian gelding who I purchased at the beginning of October! The lady was selling because he was too big and strong for her, but I fell in love with him, knowing that he did have issues of being strong and known to jump out of an arena before!

    After two weeks he improved so much, he had become a lot softer and responsive, and just so much better than from when I first got him, however the second week I had him, something scared him, or something went on in his mind, and he jumped out of a 1.20m arena fence, and bolted ...

    I was still on, and then he dodged before a gate, and I went under him, and his hoof went into my abdomen. The ambulance came, and I had to stay in the emergency ward at the hospital overnight. That wasn't really a great start to our relationship, but I wasn't upset with him. It was a freak accident, and I knew it. A week later, I was back riding, still sore, but I had to ride!

    A week after that, we went to our first ever horse show. We did freestyle dressage doing two tests, which we came first, and fourth. I could not be prouder, he didn't put a hoof wrong! Since the accident Kyros has been perfect, he has gotten out of the habit of bolting, he is a lot more responsive, he listens to my leg aids, and we are now riding out on trails!

    We even started jumping the other day, which he absolutely loves! Next year we will start eventing, hopefully be out at competitions each week, it is amazing how much he loved competing at the show! Kyros has the most friendliest, sweetest, laid back nature, with a big head that anyone would love!

    A horse shampoo also wants to use him for their advertising, so there was a professional photographer who came out last week to take pictures of him, he might even be in an international horse magazine! Although we had a rough start, he is one in a million, and I wouldn't trade him for the world!

Kyros, the Pet of the Day
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Kyros, the Pet of the Day
Kyros, the Pet of the Day
Kyros, the Pet of the Day

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