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Lacy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lacy, Lucky
Age: Three, four years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Lamancha Goat, Nubian; Boer Goat
Home: Modesto, California, USA
   Lacy and Lucky are truly the best of friends. Lucky started out as my fair (show) wether. I actually brought two that year, and decided to just send the other through the sale which meant that Lucky could come back home.

    We also started to do dairy goats around that time and later that year Lacy came home with us. She is the Lamancha doe, and the breed has very small or no external ears showing, which is why she looks like that. Some people ask "what's wrong with her" but she is perfectly fine, and the way a proper LaMancha lady should look! These two have always been pals, they lay and sleep together, eat together and everything. They act like brother and sister, and best pals.

    Lacy is a show doe, and we consider Lucky our "babysitter" for the young ones. Lucky is our herd boss and what we also call our "pony." He is easily the biggest goat on the property, and we are estimating we have around 350+ goats in our herds. These two are truly special!

Lacy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
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Lacy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Lacy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day
Lacy, Lucky, the Pet of the Day

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