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Fargo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fargo
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold macaw
Home: Queensland, Australia
   I went down to the macaw breeders many times, only wanting a boy macaw, and the only boy was Fargo, out of fifteen babies! But he was very unfriendly, and had the nickname 'Feral.' The breeders said I should probably choose another, because Fargo might not make a great pet ... But that didn't change my mind!

    It took Fargo a week or two to warm up to me, and since then he has been an absolute dream. He is the most cuddly, fun, loving macaw I have ever known, but he entertains himself and can play independently, he never has shown any aggression or even screams! Besides from being the most adorable macaw, he is also incredibly clever. He knows 22 tricks, which he just loves to learn, plus goes outside flying on his harness! :)

    He won the Australian birdkeeper competition, as well as more follow up articles in the magazine, plus winning the my safe bird store competition, and the parrot rescue center competition with the best trick! Anyone who meets Fargo or watches his videos falls in love with him. He is so cheeky, and loves to talk, which is just hilarious!

    Fargo is my best friend, I don't think that anyone could ask for a better bird, and I am so glad I chose him...

    Here is a video with most of his tricks :) and his facebook, Fargo the Macaw ;)

Fargo, the Pet of the Day
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Fargo, the Pet of the Day
Fargo, the Pet of the Day
Fargo, the Pet of the Day

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