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Buttons, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buttons
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Missouri, USA
   Buttons is a petite two-pound lovable girl with beautiful red eyes that complement her caramel, white and coffee-colored fur. Buttons lives with her "sister" in their big cage that provides room for them to play. Buttons was very shy in the beginning, but her curiosity soon took over, and she loves to watch us while perched on their pellet bowl or peeking out from behind their igloo. She likes to play "mountain goat" when she's on our lap, tip-toeing to the edge while looking at everything around her.

    Unfortunately, Buttons has had continuous bladder issues in her two years with us, which is probably why she and her sister were surrendered to the Humane Society. Ever since we adopted them, both girls have been on a high-fiber, low calcium veggie diet. We give them as much timothy hay daily as they will eat, and we give them veggies that have more vitamin C but less calcium. Buttons has passed crystals and one stone on her own, but then in April 2013, our veterinarian found that she had three stones in her ureter, which had to be surgically removed.

    Buttons recovered beautifully from her surgery, but we recently found out that she has another new stone, as well as mineral deposits. Since Buttons feels under the weather at times, we are giving her the Critical Care nutrition supplement daily. This enhances Buttons' appetite for her other foods, and she likes it. While we don't know how much longer Buttons will be with us, that is true of any pet when you think about it. We, with the help of our vet, are giving her everything for a happy life.

Buttons, the Pet of the Day

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