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Norbert-Thomas, the Pet of the Day
Name: Norbert-Thomas
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Budgie
Home: Dover, New Hampshire, USA
   This is our little friend Norbert-Thomas. He is an english budgie and despite his grumpy look, he is actually very silly. He loves to play, especially with bells and anything shiny where he can see himself. He chatters constantly and is very active, hopping all around his cage and outside of his cage too. He likes to be picked up and talked to. He is such a cheerful little friend. :) We love him very much and hope to have many more years with him.

    We have had Norbie (the nickname we use for him) since he was three months old. He is our first English budgie, although we have had American budgies before him. He is a family pet, but is especially fond of my fourteen-year-old son with Down syndrome, Oliver. They are good buddies. Norbie loves when people talk to him, and he will cock his head and listen intently, and then, chatter away back to us in birdie talk. So cute. He is really smart, entertaining, and cheerful. A great little pet. We love him.

Norbert-Thomas, the Pet of the Day
Norbert-Thomas, the Pet of the Day

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