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Cashew, Peanut, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cashew, Peanut
Age: Six and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Short-haired Guinea Pigs
Home: Luton, UK
   We saw Cashew and Peanut on a guinea pig rescue website; they needed a new home as their owner was going away to college. As we were going on holiday the next month we contacted the rescue and said if they were still up for rehoming when we returned we would like to offer them a home. As it turned out they were still available (there are so many in rescue) so we went to meet them and bring them home. As you can see, they are beautiful piggies so it was easy to fall for them.

    They didn't take long to settle in and soon got really tame. Peanut, the one with darker patches is the more dominant one and Cashew follows. Cashew has more orange colour, Peanut more dark on her but they are very similar in color. They enjoy being out in their run, going in and out of boxes and tunnels, chomping on the grass. As with most guinea pigs their favourite food is cucumber but we give them a wide variety of fruit and veg and we love to hear their delighted squeaks when they hear the food bag arriving.

    We have now had them for almost four years so they are over six years old and are in their twilight years. We have noticed they have become quieter and sleep a lot more lately. Cashew has been treated for cystitis and Peanut treated for a dental abscess within the last six months. As they still love going out in their run and basking in the sunshine and seem to be enjoying life, we hope they'll still be with us for a while longer. We have certainly enjoyed having them and are so pleased we offered them a home when they needed one.

Cashew, Peanut, the Pet of the Day
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Cashew, Peanut, the Pet of the Day
Cashew, Peanut, the Pet of the Day

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