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Chester, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chester
Age: 26 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Appaloosa Horse
Home: Lakeville, Minnesota, USA
   Chester is a really spunky horse for his age. Chester is white with brown spots and is a purebred Appaloosa (those are very rare these days). He is a chestnut leopard, and has registrations with the ApHC. He is full of spunk and I can ride him both English and bareback. He bucks a lot due to arthritis issues and always takes the opportunity to give me a "horse hug" after I dismount. He doesn't really have favorite games, but he does play tag. He's very sweet anyways.

    I have know Chester for four years now and I enjoy every minute of it! He used to be the barrel racing Appaloosa champion back in his younger days but when he was sent to us we introduced him to the English world of jumping. Due to arthritis issues he bucks when I canter him. He has an amazing jump and always makes the landing. Although he hates being caught, he will play "tag" with me. He will make me chase him all over the pasture, and then he will stop and stand still. At the last minute before I get the halter on him he just runs away, but eventually he lets me grab him. He doesn't like being saddled and hates the girth. Otherwise he is a nice ride, both saddled and bareback. I love him like he is my own child.

Chester, the Pet of the Day
Chester, the Pet of the Day

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