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Turtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Turtle
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Yellow Sided Conure
Home: Mesa, Arizona, USA
   Introducing my pet Conure named Turtle. Her name is officially Baby Turtle, and she is just ten weeks old! What makes her special? She fits into our family and is super loving! She loves to cuddle and be cuddled back. She is such a joy!

    She loves to cuddle, as I mentioned, and loves to play with her jingle ball. She also loves to roll over, play in hair and prefers to stay with me all day. It is so cute! She has the sweetest most adorable personality! When she wants snuggle time she flutters her wings, rolls to her back and grasps with her feet for belly tickles. She is such a fun baby, and I look forward to many years ahead with her!

Turtle, the Pet of the Day
Turtle, the Pet of the Day

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