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Pet of the Day
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Rose Mary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rose Mary
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jackson's Chameleon
Home: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
   I received Rose Mary as a birthday gift just a few months ago. She is a very unique animal. She changes color due to her mood, health, and surroundings but most of the time she is a beautiful, bright green color. She has a very long, sticky tongue that she springs out of her mouth quickly when an unsuspecting insect comes strolling by. She loves, loves, loves crickets!!!

    Currently, she is pregnant! Jackson's Chameleons are not like most lizards, they give birth to live young. She was pregnant when I got her but I did not know. When her belly started looking like she had swallowed marbles and she started exhibiting certain behaviors, I discovered this was the case. I am certain the babies will be born soon because she has gone off her food and that is a sure sign. Babies or not, Rose Mary is one of the most interesting animals I have ever had the privilege of owning. We look forward to what our time together will bring!

Rose Mary, the Pet of the Day
Rose Mary, the Pet of the Day

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