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Cyrill, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cyrill
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Great Lothar Inger Rabbit
Home: Belgium
   My pets name is Cyrill. Cyrill is a reuze vlinder konijn of groot lotharinger (Giant butterfly rabbit or big Lothar Inger). It is a traditional Belgian breed. The are recognizable by the stripe on their back and the spots around their eyes ... oh and their huge ears. I don't know how old he is exactly, but we think about three to four years. Cyrill lives in Belgium, happily together with our other pets.

    Cyrill is really special to us for several reasons. First of all we never had a pure breed bunny before. Second, this bunny belonged to my mother's uncle, and he died just recently. Third, Cyrill is completely tame. When he is in house, instead of outside, he really likes to sleep on peoples' feet or arms. Oh, and he's about the size of a large cat.

    He doesn't do anything tricks, but he likes to stand on his hind legs and lean against my legs. He likes to cuddle and be petted, when he's in the house, he comes to sleep on my feet. He gets along fine with our other animals, the cats kinda fear because he's just as large as they are. My giant dog likes to lay with his nose against Cyrill's, and Cyrill lays his head against Khan. Like I said before, he's a real cuddly animal, whenever I come out to see him he begs to get petted.

    This is just a little vid of him hopping around, Cyrill, our giant and hyperactive bunny.

Cyrill, the Pet of the Day
Cyrill, the Pet of the Day

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