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Zee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zee
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Surrey, UK
   This is my gorgeous girl Zee. Zee came to me when she was just five weeks old from an owner who had allowed their two male guinea pigs get in with their two female guinea pigs so as a result the two became pregnant but once this had happened the males were never removed and killed each other. Once the babies were born Zee was one of them they were allowed to walk around in inches of their own mess and filth (Just disgusting, should never had been allowed). But then she was rescued and did not have to live like that anymore she could have all the clean space she could wish for.

    Zee is special to me because she is just so strong and loving not just towards me, but life in general. She needs no boundary's or pens to sit in as she sits happily beside me in the garden and never strays if she does I call her back and away she goes! Running right back to me. She is perfect. She will plant tiny little kisses on my nose and close her little eyes when she is being petted. And more than ever she is the light in my world after always being here for me no matter what and now I will be there for her...just last month upon finding a small lump on her belly a trip to the vets was needed. That day would become a hard day, I found out that Zee now has a mammary tumor its terminal so now we live each day to the fullest showing more and more thanks for each small moment. When that time comes when she is uncomfortable then we will say our goodbyes. Zee is truly amazing to me.

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