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P2, the Pet of the Day
Name: P2
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Hotot Rabbit
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   This is my rabbit, his name is P2, he is a dwarf hotot about a year old now. He is the king of the yard. He loves to be all cuddly and run around. He is one of the best pets I have ever had. When you call his name he will come back to you. He is a PB dwarf hotot and when I got him he had a tattoo in his ear with P2. I decided it was a cute name for him because I couldn't think of anything that suited him better.

    P2 is one of many rabbits. I like him because he is small and easier to carry. He loves to cuddle and play tag. He is special to me because he usually only responds to me and just catches my eye. He loves to eat peas. You call him and he comes to you, he is a great house rabbit (goes to the bathroom in a litter box). He kind of also claimed me. He loves to play with my cat Colonel Sanders. They are best friends, though usually cats and rabbits don't get along. He also loves to roll onto his back and act cute and cuddly as well.

P2, the Pet of the Day

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