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Harukai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harukai
Age: One year, three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Smooth Haired Guinea Pig
Home: Rotterdam, Netherlands
   Harukai is very special to me! His parents were really sweethearts, his father Haru, died before Harukai, and his siblings were born. Kaiya, who was the mother, is a big, strong mom, and if you touched her babies, oh no! But when she was in labor with them, I didn't realize what was happening! I had just gotten two other guinea pigs, Miki and Chiyo, and wanted them to meet Kaiya. A few seconds later I saw Kaiya bleeding, so I took her apart from the others, and Haruko and Harumi were born. I got another cage so that Kaiya could care for her two babies. So I put them in there, Kaiya was with Haruko and Harumi. Miki and Chiyo I then put with one of the other guinea-pigs, Soraya. But suddenly there was lying a little brown ball I had not seen before, that was Harukai. Two hours after labor, I returned him to Kaiya, simply because I didn't know he was already born when I moved her!

    They grew well, and at two weeks old I decided to give them names. Thinking Harukai was a female, I decided to call him Haruka! Haruka, Harumi and Haruko were named after their deceased father! A few weeks later, of course, my intuition started to work, and even at six weeks old we knew Haruka was actually a male, so we decided to call him Harukai instead!

    I never really liked Harukai. He was always the happy guy, and he liked my friend Lydia more than he liked me! I thought it was so mean, I tried everything to make him like me, but nope, not at all! But on July 2013, Kaiya passed away. She had been pregnant with five babies, the labor was too hard, the babies died and the day after, Kaiya was ill and in too much pain, and we put her to sleep. From that moment on I promised; "No matter what happens, I will care for those "Haru" babies, each one of them!"

    I already had a good relationship with Harumi and Haruko, that wasn't the problem! But Harukai, I gave it my everything. My friend came every weekend, and she loved Harukai so much, it was enough for me. Harukai got the love he needed, and I had to be satisfied. But then in February, things changed.

    Due to other circumstances, my friend and I were forbidden to see each other. I was worried about Harukai. He would surely be lonely! It was a hard time for me, but we got through it! I started to hug him two times every day, I gave him so much attention, and nothing seemed to work. That is, until one week came. That was the first time he actually fluted to me, and was okay with me holding him. Harukai finally accepted me!

    I'm glad he is now giving me the chance to let me love him. We still work on our relationship, and it's getting even better! Harukai is happy, and so am I, because together we can make a difference! I will help him through this time, until he can see his other human friend Lydia again! I do want to thank her. Thanks to her Harukai is not lonely, he have a reason to live and look forward. She raised him to become the happy smiling guy he is now, and we both can love him.

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