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Pet of the Day
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Indy Anna, the Pet of the Day
Name: Indy Anna
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Florida, USA
   It was July 14, 2010 when I first brought Indy home with me. She was just a small baby, only four inches long, including the tail, at the time. Now she is eighteen inches long and healthy. In fact, when she was big enough, I bought her a pink collar with a tag on it. She will be three years old of as of July 14, 2013.

    When I went to the pet store to purchase a beardie for myself, I had done extensive research on the selection process. Turns out, one has to let the beardie choose them rather than them choose the beardie. I asked the shopkeeper if it was alright for me to put my hand in the cage and she agreed. When I put my hand in, little baby Indy looked up at it cautiously and slowly moved towards it, even after all her siblings ran at the sight of my hand. Soon, she jumped right up on my hand, crawled up on my shoulder, licked me on the cheek, and stayed on my shoulder until we got home later that day.

    She was named Indy Anna from the famous title character and protagonist of the Indiana Jones franchise. When she stalked her food, her tail went up like a whip, much like what Indiana Jones would do in his movies. Also, she has a natural interest in the world around her. A real explorer if you ask me.

    Indy loves to hang out on my shoulder when I walk around the house, the town, or around stores she is permitted in. She just adores the activity of the world around her and it amazes her still to this day. She is very shy, however, when people want a one-on-one meet with her. She will hide herself from them or flare her beard at them. However, once I tell her that they are a friend, she will calm down, work her way down my arm, and jump on them if they will let her. She'll even climb up and give them a small kiss on the cheek to say that she was sorry for flaring her beard.

    Indy's very most favorite food of all is Superworms. She will stalk them as if she were a lion. She also eats crickets and Romain Lettuce Hearts, and if she has been a good girl, I'll even toss a strawberry or some other tasty fruit for her to take a bite out of.

Indy Anna, the Pet of the Day
Indy Anna, the Pet of the Day

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