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Pet of the Day
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Zorro, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zorro
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Guinea Pig
Home: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
   I present you with Zorro, my pet Guinea Pig. Zorro likes short walks around the yard at dusk, being patted and eating pears and watermelon.

    I've owned Zorro since the day he was born in 2008, he was the cutest little ball of white and brown puff I had ever seen and quite honestly he still is. Zorro has always had an amusing attitude, which has lead to many nicknames one being "shovel head" due to his tendency to "shovel" his way out from under things with his head, he does it when people put their hand near his head or just when he is under something such as a blanket. Zorro also clearly sees himself as a ladies pig, seducing many humans over the years into scratching his itches and feeding him and is just slightly vain (making him a brilliantly photogenic guinea pig). We all love him and his little antics :) very much.

Zorro, the Pet of the Day
Zorro, the Pet of the Day

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