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Dinner, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dinner
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: South Point, Ohio, USA
   This is my bunny, her name is Dinner. She doesn't mind it when I make her flower head pieces. And I included a picture where she is eating her favorite snack, carrot of course! The other one she is in the middle of a hop. I love catching her all contorted in photos. It just lets me see how silly she really is. TIPTOES!

    She is too flipping cute and Dinner is not shy at all. I bought her from an abusive girl when she was just a baby. She is about two years old now (I think, the girl didn't tell me her exact age or anything).

    I was glad my parents let me keep her. She has been through a lot and is extraordinary. I was so surprised she turned out as good as she has, given her life before me. Dinner is a drama queen but an overall great bunny. She may disobey me and escape her cage but she always comes back and jumps in. She knows where home is. Dinner loves being walked in the park and chasing Squirrels, funny enough!

   She also enjoys car rides and anything she can climb on. I do love her.

   Watch Dinner starring in the short video Dandelion.

Dinner, the Pet of the Day
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Dinner, the Pet of the Day
Dinner, the Pet of the Day
Dinner, the Pet of the Day

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