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September 28, 2012

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Masse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Masse
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Draft, Warmblood cross
Home: Molnlycke, Sweden
   This is my horse Masse but I like to call him Masseman or Massemammoth (often in the winter because he get shaggy and really looks like mammmoth then). We live in Molnlycke not far from Gothenburg in Sweden. He is a gelding, and is ten years old. He is a crossbreed between draft horse and warmblood. He has a heart of gold and is more like a big dog than a horse for me. If he is free, he follows after me like a shadow. And if I put my hand in front of his mouth, he licks at it like a dog! But he is reallly afraid of anyone else's hands or anything near his head because his olds owners hit him. We are competing in show jumping now, quite often with mostly good results.

    People often say that he is lazy, fat, can't jump, clumsy and slow but those are not true! He looks stocky because he is half draft horse! He always has loads of energy when I ride him. Masse is a greedy-guts, he eat everything he can and more. He even tried to eat my glasses once! I have taught him some tricks; he can kiss, raise one front leg and I have started to teach him to bow. But unfortunately we discovered Masse is allergic to gnats, and when they bite him he scratches himself so his mane and tail falls out. But it always grows back over the winter, so he looks good again! I think he is glad for winter to come!

Masse, the Pet of the Day
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Masse, the Pet of the Day
Masse, the Pet of the Day
Masse, the Pet of the Day
Masse, the Pet of the Day

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