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September 24, 2012

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White Boy, the Pet of the Day
Name: White Boy
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Goat
Home: Leesburg, Georgia, USA
   This is my beloved little goat, White Boy. White Boy isn't my first goat. A few weeks before we acquired him, I lost my first two goats, one who was a best friend, and was heartbroken. I finally got the courage to get a new goat, and out of the blue our friend called. Her niece's neighbor had found a baby goat in his front yard. It came right up in his lap, and had diarrhea and wasn't eating much. They didn't know what to do, and lived in a suburban area with no fencing. They called up our friend, who had no room, and who in return called us. We immediately accepted.

    He was actually a surprise to me. I didn't know I was getting him. When they brought him out, it was love at first sight. When we first got him he was fluffy with curly hair, his back was arched because of the amount of worms he had, and he wasn't eating much. His ears had been eaten up by flies, and he still has slight scars. His eyes and nose were a bit runny as well.

    We first fed him cows milk straight out of the fridge. Because of a dog we were fostering at the time, White Boy had to sleep in a kennel in my room for the first two or three weeks we had him. Once the dog was gone, White Boy got his shots against a bacteria we have in our backyard only deadly to goats (which is what made us loose our last) and lived outside. But I was with him almost the whole time. The first two nights he still slept in my room, but after that he lived with our foster dog Rose outside.

    White Boy now has an older friend. She is our registered show quality Nubian doe who will be having kids in a month or less. They love each other. But White Boy still loves me more than anyone, and always comes when I call him, even if I have been outside for an hour messing with him. He likes to jump and loves everyone. We are afraid he will one day get attacked by a non-goat loving dog because he just loves dogs also. He won't be, but still. Rose is a constant companion for him. The top picture is him running for me. He still wants bottle, but he is off it now. The one were he is in a tie-die shirt is when we first got him, doesn't he look sad? We are so glad he is happy and healthy now!

White Boy, the Pet of the Day
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White Boy, the Pet of the Day
White Boy, the Pet of the Day

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