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September 20, 2012

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Felix, the Pet of the Day
Name: Felix
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Budgie
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
   Felix is special for me, because he's been there since I was a little kid. He's always been here for me and making me laugh, doing crazy and funny things, even when I'm sad. Hes like my big brother, (even thought he's younger than me) and I care about him a lot. He's always been a part of the family in his own little way, and has his own moods too. Like if we have been at the countryside, he's mad at us for leaving him alone for "too long" (even if it just was over a night). Also, if you take his things away from him, even just to clean them, he will get mad, too. He also does crazy noises, and as he's a bird we "taught" him to talk, like making bird-like noises that sounded diffirent depending on waht mood we were in. So I always know if he's happy or angry!

   I hope you all find him as amazing as I do! I love him!

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