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September 18, 2012

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Molly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Molly
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Horse
Home: Haysville, Indiana, USA
   Molly and I have quite a story. In February of 2012, Molly was purchased as an unregistered two-year-old from a woman that could no longer afford to take care of her. My aunt bought her out of the goodness of her heart and swore to give Molly a good home.

    I went out a week later to choose the miniature I wanted to use in the local 4H fair in July. There were many options--my aunt has over thirty minis--and several were older and more experienced than the homely little filly in the back of the pen. Yet when I looked in her eyes, I saw something I'd never seen before in my life: a piece of myself reflected there. It was that moment I chose her and never looked back.

    What I didn't know was what Molly didn't know. My aunt struggled to warn me, but I didn't heed her. The first day, she wouldn't even lead. She wouldn't stay on my right side and kept trying to switch to my left. Grooming, she wouldn't hold still and kept getting her neck tangled in the rope; plus she kept trying to bite me. Jumping wasn't even thinkable, as she wouldn't trot next to me properly. Backing up was a nightmare.

    I spent hours upon hours with my father out at the horse barn, getting her to comply to everything I asked with high amounts of rewards. Slowly she learned how to jump and back up and hold still. Fair time came, and we placed third in the obstacle course! I was ecstatic. It seemed as though all of my hard work and sweat and tears paid off.

    After our show, I loosed her in the round pen. I just wanted to have a little off-lead fun without a lead rope. I didn't expect anything. As I paced around the pen, Molly followed my every step. If I jogged, she trotted. If I sprinted, she cantered. If I backed, she backed. It made me realize how deep of a connection I had built with her, training and teaching and facing our fears together.

    I feel Molly has changed me as a person. She's the one for me, my perfect horse. Since this discovery, we've worked on many other things. After winter, I'm planning on teaching her how to drive a cart.

    These are some videos, featuring Molly and me and my Arabian, Missy: There's a Light, There's a Sun, Taking all the Shattered Ones and it's like F O R G E T T I N G...

    I'm Angela, and this is my lovely miniature horse, Molly.

Molly, the Pet of the Day
Molly, the Pet of the Day

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