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September 17, 2012

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Dominic, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dominic
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
   Other than his beautiful rare Satin Cream Roan coat Dominic owns the house in his little ball. But most of all he is an extremely spoiled hamster! The first day he was home he was comfortable being picked up and played with because the pet shop took such great care of him. And he loves his flying saucer wheel!

   The day I walked in to the pet shop I wasn't sure what I would walk out with. I knew it would be a type of hamster but I wasn't sure what color or breed. It was one of the workers who drew my attention to the little guy who would change what I was looking for. I never thought I would go for a blonde, but when Dominic, the worker, pointed out a satin cream hamster because of the 'satinized' coloring I fell in love. Not only that, but the tank read 'well handled and sweet."

   When I got him home, his name became Dominic, like that of the employee. He has warmed my heart since! He loved to be held and I never had to work on his trust for me because the shop took such great care of him, and his curiosity it so intriguing. He loves rolling around in his ball, popping up through holes and running on his flying saucer. He never chews on anything he's not supposed to, and loves to hide all of his bedding in his sleeping spot! But I just can't get over how he likes to be held and loves exploring. His favorite food, beyond anything, is corn! Oh how he loves to nibble on pieces of it while he sits in my hand!

Dominic, the Pet of the Day
Dominic, the Pet of the Day

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