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September 8, 2012

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Oliver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oliver
Age: Seven and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange Satin Rabbit
Home: Middlesex, England
   Hello, my pet's name is Oliver and he is seven and a half months old. He is an Orange Satin Rabbit and together we live in Middlesex, England. Oliver is special because I have unconditional love for him, and him for me. He has off days where he thumps and nips. But always makes it up to me by being extremely cuddly and cute. Oliver has one ear that stays up and one that flops. He is the first rabbit I have even seen do that. He constantly makes me squeal and coo because he is so adorable. He even does (what we call) "super jumps" when he is running round the garden. Where his two back legs flip out to the side. He truly is the best bunny and I love him to bits.

    Here are a couple of video clips of Oliver, My Silly Bunny and My New Rabbit.

Oliver, the Pet of the Day
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Oliver, the Pet of the Day
Oliver, the Pet of the Day

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