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September 6, 2012

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Punky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Punky
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Budapest, Hungary
   I am introducing my little piggie, Punky. He looks like a big hamster (his nickname is Giant Hamster). I got him for my birthday. He came from a pet shop, and he lived in a little terrarium with one bunny and three other guinea pigs. I loved him at first sight. Four years ago I had three other piggies (only males), but Punky is very different than them. They were not very tame, but Punky is! When I take him to his "night room," and go to the the sitting-room, he comes to in front of the cage bars, after climbing the bars, and begs for attention (and of course food). But most guinea pigs do this.

    Why Punky is special? Because he isn't very afraid the loud noises, and he came with me to our weekend house and Margaret Island. He likes when someone is petting his fur. When I whistle a little, he comes, because I taught him if he hear this sound, he gets delicious food. I don't know why, but guinea pigs are crazy for the cucumber, and Punky is too. Punky loves playing with his toys, but he doesn't like bathing. I hope that one day he will be a therapy piggie, because he is housebroken, and doesn't pee the human who is holding him! He has some fans among my friends. He is intelligent - when I play him his own sounds (I sometimes record his voice) he never responds to his own sound! He is a very special guinea pig, and I hope he will be healthy and fun like now for a long time!

Punky, the Pet of the Day
Punky, the Pet of the Day

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