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October 26, 2012

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Chief, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chief
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Paint Horse
Home: Cedaredge, Colorado, USA
   Chief is my very first horse and he is such a fantastic mount and friend, if I am sad he likes to lick or nuzzle my hair and cheeks and his birthday happens to be four days after mine is. I love my horse so much and I am so so glad to have him as a new member of our family. These pictures of from the day I decided to have fun and paint the Paint horse!

    Chief is a special pet to me because ever since I was a little kid, maybe three or four years of age, I've been literally begging my mother to allow me to own a horse, I now, at the age of fifteen, have one and I was lucky enough to be able to get such a fantastic friend. Chief is special cause I feel that he understand me, what I say, and how I feel. Once I walked into his pen, he was lying down, I sat right beside his head and watched him sleep, he woke and jumped a bit (as I am sure all horses do when they wake and something is right by their face). Before calming down again and instead of getting up, he laid his head on my leg. That meant so much to me, the fact that he trusted me enough not to hurt him.

    I feel that the more time I spend with him the more me and him will get to know each other. Chief's personality is the best! He is smart and curious. Rather than spooking bad and running away or lashing out, he jumps and stands there thinking about it for a little bit. He is gentle and kind when he knows something is wrong with you, but when it comes to playing he has the spirit of a two-year-old stallion! Chief does know a few tricks like to come to a whistle and if I move my fingers like a bird beak and say 'smile' hell move his lips about. He does have a bit of a independent personality but is mainly a friendly and loving boy.

Chief, the Pet of the Day
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Chief, the Pet of the Day
Chief, the Pet of the Day
Chief, the Pet of the Day

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