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October 24, 2012

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Priscilla, the Pet of the Day
Name: Priscilla
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Grey Cockatiel
Home: Hereford, England
   In August we decided to get a pet bird, and after much research I decided that a cockatiel was definitely the type of bird for us. And then we found her, Or rather she found us! I went straight over to the bird section, and there she was, staring down at me. After the initial 'ahh, she's so cute!' I went to see the other 'tiels, only she started to follow me around from inside her cage! So I went back to her and we had a little play, with her following me and climbing up the cage bars if I put my finger there. We also played some hide and seek - I would go low where she couldn't see me, and she would stretch her neck to try and find me. Then I would come up, and she would duck down! She even chased away her cage-mate so she was the centre of attention. Everybody in the shop said that she had chosen me, so my mum caved in and she came home with us! As soon as she had settled in, we could already hand feed her. The next day, she could perch on my finger and come out of the cage!

    It's hard to believe that we've had her for only two months, it feels like she's been a part of our family for much longer. I get her out every day, and she often sits on the lid of my laptop whilst I'm doing any work, just like she is right now! She also has a thing for jewelry, show her your earring or even better, my mums 24 carat gold necklace and she'll be waddling straight over to investigate, and quite often, have a nibble! She loves nothing more than a scratch on her head, and will happily sit on your knee and cock her head so you get to those itchy places.

    Every day when I come home from school, I can hear her before I can see her, welcoming me by chirping happily. When I walk into the room to get her out, she runs up and down the bars and back and forth along the floor before she finally climbs onto her favorite perch for me to take her out! She won't let me take her out otherwise, it has to be on that spot! Oh, and her favorite food? Golden Nuggets (the cereal)! Always making sure that she sprays the crumbs everywhere. She loves the odd Cheerio too!

    Another thing that she loves is being a model! That's right, Priscilla loves posing for the camera, as you can see in these photos! In fact, a few weeks ago I was taking some snaps, and she would stay still until the click went off, and then immediately change position and hold it! I've tried so many times to get a shot of her flying, but she's so fast that it's just a blur of grey! She loves sitting on the radiator (when it's not on) and looking at herself in the mirror, as well as grooming herself. She's such a good model!

   Well, that's Priscilla, and we wouldn't change her for the world!

Priscilla, the Pet of the Day
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Priscilla, the Pet of the Day
Priscilla, the Pet of the Day

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