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October 16, 2012

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Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue & Gold Macaw
Home: Michigan, USA
   What makes my pet special is that she is a camera poser, child lover, never bites and is funny. She will pose for every photo I take of her (as you can see) she'll just freeze until I move again to change directions or move her to a different spot. Lucy loves children - I'm not kidding! She'll let first and up graders hold her. When I give Lucy something that matches the color of my skin, she won't touch it, sometimes won't even look.

    Lucy is my first Macaw, when I got her, she wasn't weaned. When she first got here, she didn't know how to eat. In a week I weaned her. She wouldn't take food from me (she was trained not to bite by the breeder), and I felt bad for her.

    Lucy's personality is one of the best! She is sooo sweet! She'll take kisses anytime, and she'll play with anything, I love her! When I set her down somewhere so she can pose, she'll stay there (scared or happy, I can't tell). She is a great bird, sometimes when I laugh at her for putting her foot on her head or under her beak, she'll cover her head with her wing for a few seconds. She is also just like a two-year-old, she'll get into anything, play with anything and cries when I leave her. I just love her!

    Lucy knows some tricks, she can hang upside down from my hand, I can hold her by her beak and swing her (this is not mean), I can hold her by her tail (if she didn't like it, I would stop), when I say "pretty bird" she'll open her wings, and Lucy can walk on a ball. Lucy can't really talk yet, besides hello, but she's getting there! Lucy loves the game hide and seek, I'll hide and she'll find me. She also loves walking around outside on the side walk.

    Lucy is sometimes affectionate around people, but she is independent, I am her "mom." Lucy won't bite other adults or children, but she is scared of one- to four-year-old children. She likes strangers, but is usually not sure around them.

    I decided to get Lucy when I was in fifth grade. Someone brought an Amazon, Military Macaw, two snakes, a monkey and a full size crocodile to my class. I really liked the birds, but the Military macaw was my favorite! So after school, I started looking up and learning about macaws and their care. My mom said I gained enough information and learning to get a macaw, so I got Lucy for Christmas! And that's why my pet is special!

Lucy, the Pet of the Day
Lucy, the Pet of the Day

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