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October 9, 2012

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Lea, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lea
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Welsh, Morgan Horse
Home: South Carolina, USA
   This is my horse Lea, and well, ours is a long story. Lea was the very first horse I have ever had, she is 23 years old and is still with me. She is a Welsh/Morgan Cross (specifically a Welsh Horse Section B and Morgan Horse mix).

    Everyone who Lea meets says she is one of the sweetest horses and one of the best behaved equines they have ever seen. Several people have offered to buy her but I have never had the heart to let her go. Lea is the favorite of her vet and farrier, she takes shots without moving a muscle and stands extremely still and relaxed when the farrier works on her hooves. She has been used as both a lesson horse and a private competition horse.

    Today, when I was saddling her up, I discovered she is becoming swaybacked, a condition in horses where there spine sinks and their back becomes sunken in, therefore requiring immense amounts of padding just so that you can ride her. Her sway back is not that bad yet, but it still isn't the best news. Lea has saved my life many times, too many times to count. She once saved me from a rapid dog, when I was stranded in a national park. I have had Lea since she was about eighteen or nineteen years old. She is one of the best horses I have ver had in my entire life. She puts on her own halter and bridle, she can bow/pray. She can jump, dance, and barrel race. She is definitely one of the most amazing horses I have ever met. She is easily adaptable and she often follows me of her own accord, and stands politely to be groomed and saddled. She is loved by all and is my best friend, she has been there for me through thick and thin and I could never replace the spot she has in my heart.

Lea, the Pet of the Day
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Lea, the Pet of the Day
Lea, the Pet of the Day
Lea, the Pet of the Day

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