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October 8, 2012

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Kiky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kiky
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: Slovakia
   Hello! I would like to introduce Kiky! I think everyone would say that their gecko is just adorable. Me too! When those big eyes look at you, your heart melts.

    I bought Kiky as a baby and we have really strong relationship. I must say, her color is very unique (for me). She has beautiful yellow color with dark brown spots. She also has a "y" on her head.

    As her personality ... She is amazing. She is curious and she enjoys company. But Kiky can only be held by me. When I hold her in my hand, she automatically lies on my hand and just chills. But when any other person holds her, she is simply stiff and tense. Kiky also likes when I let her walk everywhere - on my hand or on my leg, even on the sofa or ground. Kiky is very photogenic and it's like it's natural, like she was born with that talent. She makes and holds really amazing and adorable poses.

    And Kiky is jealous! You wouldn't believe it! It happened when I was holding Kimi (the picture where are Kiky and Kimi together and the bigger gecko is Kimi) first one day. And Kiky ran out of her coconut house, wondering why she wasn't the first. She was very jealous at Kimi. But she forgave me. Kiky makes a great companion and she also "helps" me with my homework, too!

Kiky, the Pet of the Day
Kiky, the Pet of the Day

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