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October 7, 2012

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Salt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Salt
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Roborovski Dwarf Hamster
Home: London, UK
   Salt is, even though I know it's just my own opinion, one of the most adorable hamsters in existence! He has often fallen asleep in my hands and is ever active in the morning. He never sits still! (Unless asleep that is) So it is very difficult to get his photo! Salt is also a master ninja. I gave him a conker (horse chestnut) to play with, and its gone! He's always there to talk to, which might seem odd ...but he's my little Salt!

    The picture with Salt in a ball, is probably the best quality, but the other two just are so cute! The one with his ruffled fur, is just a perfect depiction of his personality.

    His favorite treats are probably any kind of fresh fruit. If not he loves milk drops. He will go over a see saw for treats and stands on the top of his wheel to get down to the second level of the cage (there is a ramp right next to it) Him and his brother do fight a bit, but love to chase each other around. If ever I open their house, I will always find them lying together and it is always Salt who has made the effort to snuggle up. He is very curious, when I let him into the garden, he is straight off for the depths of the grass trying to burrow to somewhere new. He likes to explore new places, even if it's just his clean nest. He has never bitten, nor nibbled anyone ever, and is very huggable and soft!

Salt, the Pet of the Day

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