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October 6, 2012

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Wonder, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wonder
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter Horse, Warmblood
Home: Western North Carolina, USA
   Wonder is my mare, she's about six years old. What makes her special? This lovely buckskin has only been with me for a few months, but already she's grown on me. She's incredibly sweet, loves attention, and it's always easy to see how willing to please she is. She is still quite young and "green" with lots to learn, but already she has come so far! Everyone at the stable is remarkably proud of Wonder.

    For years I've wanted a horse but the opportunity never came due to finances. I began leasing to own Wonder the moment I had the money to afford a horse. She is incredibly smart but doesn't know any tricks - at least not yet. She does jump with a rider though and seems to enjoy it. And with Wonder, affectionate is an understatement. She is the sweetest horse I've ever known! She hates being left alone, enjoys faster paces when we're riding, and although she likes children, she isn't the best ride for beginners. But I love her!

Wonder, the Pet of the Day
Wonder, the Pet of the Day

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