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October 2, 2012

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Nelly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nelly
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standardbred
Home: Richmond, Ontario, Canada
   This is a picture of my mare, Nelly. Nelly's home is in Richmond, Ontario, on my grandfathers farm along with my two other horses, Licorice and Mae. Nelly is an off the track Standardbred who was sent to slaughter at the age of three after her racing career took a turn for the worse. She was fortunate enough to be rescued by a horse trader and that's how she found me. When I purchased her she was severely underweight and lethargic. She was still wearing her racing shoes, poor thing.

    Because Nelly was so underfed and hungry, she was mistaken for a quiet little horse, but now that she has regained her lost weight she has become a very silly and energetic young mare.

    Nelly has since been retrained to ride and loves to work. She stamps her feet and paws the ground when she sees her saddle come out. She is now learning to canter on the lunge line and under saddle, we're taking it in strides, but it's getting there. We've even started to go out on trail rides!

    In the pictures with two horses, it is Nelly and Licorice, my eleven-year-old gelding. They get a long pretty well most of the time, except when there is a disagreement over hay! I'm so happy to have this young horse in my life, we've already taught each other a lot!

Nelly, the Pet of the Day
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Nelly, the Pet of the Day
Nelly, the Pet of the Day

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