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October 1, 2012

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Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Samantha
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Amazon Parrot
Home: Quebec, Canada
   My Amazon parrot Samantha Alexandra is ten years old! We've been together for her whole life. She speaks two languages and is very smart! The best part of every day is when she says "I love you!" and gives me kisses! She is a little green angel ! She has changed my life and brings me happiness and joy every day! Most people have no idea how incredible it is to share their lives with a parrot, that's a shame. Every day she does something to make me smile!

    Even though we live in Canada, I make sure she's never cold. She loves to watch the snow fall, I think she thinks it's an alien invasion! She has a vibrant yellow crown that's very fitting because she IS the queen of the house!

    Samantha can sing "Old Macdonald" and copy most animals. She barks and is in love with my dog Gideon. She goes over to him and "preens" him and say "I love you". It is quite something. Sam like to dance to the Mexican Hat dance, she also loves to whistle and make up words to songs.

    My friend recently took some pictures of Sam and my dogs, Samantha is a DIVA! She loved the camera and looks up when I say "Where's the blue sky?" so her photo shoot was over an hour! She didn't want it to end!

    She loves to speak French, so whenever I have a French friend over I get them to talk to her, I have an English accent, not good enough for Samantha! She loves to be one of the girls.

    When my mom leaves the room she says"Grandma, hello!", in her sweet voice and gives kisses so my mom will come back. She is awesome!

Samantha, the Pet of the Day
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Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day
Samantha, the Pet of the Day

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