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November 30, 2012

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Cocky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cocky
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Eastern Long-billed Corella
Home: Victoria, Australia
   This is Cocky ... I know it's an uninspired name, but we always intended for him to be released after being weaned from the nest, so he never really got a proper name so as to avoid us getting too attached to him. Unfortunately, even with standard precautions, it failed to work the other way, and he imprinted on my sister's voice. A few hours after he was let go, she was surprised to find him waiting at her door at the wildlife shelter where she worked. So we adopted him and he adopted the name.

    Now a teenager, he's far too cheeky, far too curious and far too clever for his own good! Especially now that he has discovered Skype!

    Cocky is incredibly clever and playful and needs a lot of intellectual stimulation, however given the chance he prefers physical activities. His favorite game is catch ... a high perch and a small rubber ball can entertain him for hours as he catches, throws and laughs along. But he is just as much at home play-fighting, investigating the backyard, playing peek-a-boo or being a sticky beak. He also has his affectionate moments though, and he loves cuddling up to a leg or hand and politely asking for a scratch. In English, with gestures pointing out the exact spot. He's a very special bird.

Cocky, the Pet of the Day
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Cocky, the Pet of the Day
Cocky, the Pet of the Day

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