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November 25, 2012

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Luffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luffy
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Holland Lop Rabbit
Home: Neumünster, Germany
   Hello, I am so excited to share my pet with you and his story ... I know everybody thinks their pet is the best, as is Luffy for me too. Let me tell you the story of this little boy:

    Baby fluffy Luffy was adopted especially to be a friend to our third bunny, Teddy, who didn't get any affection from the two older bunnies we have. It was really sad to see him trying with no success, they were so unfriendly to him. So we got Luffy and from day one I knew this little cute ball of fur was something special! I had a gut feeling that that bunny wasn't eight weeks old and was younger instead. I also noticed that his nose was always full of dirt, which wasn't normal at all. Also just one week later he got diarrhea, which was treated immediately and gone in two days.

    Teddy and Luffy were like blood brothers, always together, until the day that Teddy reached his sexual maturity and started to be very bossy, and agressive to Luffy, biting him. Once Luffy was so nastily bitten that we had to take him immediately to the vet. He ended up getting five stitches, it was really bad and it broke my heart, but amazingly he was behaving like nothing happened. That fight was lighting fast, I was trying to separate them but honestly I had never expected that two bunnies could fight that wildly. It was scary! And little Luffy was fighting back like crazy instead of letting it go or just showing Teddy "ok, you are the strongest, I surrender" by getting flat on the floor, which is how they say "okay, you won." Instead, he was there in the fight until I could get them apart from each other.

    After that, we decided to house them in separate cages, so this could never happen again. All was fine, his wound was healing quickly and he was eating and drinking a lot, enjoying being petted like a dog and being held by me anytime - he really is one of a kind! Most bunnies normally don't like to be held, they panic and stress quickly, which I think everybody should respect! If a rabbit doesn't want it, please don't do it - thanks.

    One day, I was on holidays in my hometown visitng my parents, while our bunnies stayed at home with my boyfriend. When he was at work (we still do not know how that could happen) Luffy broke out the cage, and when my boyfriend arrived home he saw him laying down so pathetically. But he thought Luffy was just exhausted from playing hard all those hours alone outside the cage. Then Luffy stopped eating and drinking, he couldn't stand up by himself, and it looked like his left-front leg was injured. My boyfriend took him to the vet and he checked the bones and said all was fine. He suggested to let him recover, maybe the muscle was a bit sore from breaking out the cage and he just hurt himself. So my boyfriend did so. Luffy slowly started to drink and eat again, so he guessed things were getting back to normal.

    When I came back home from the holidays. I picked him up and I realized that something was wrong in a second. I knew inside myself that something was totally wrong. Honestly, my boyfriend is really amazed at my Bunny-mom sixth sense, I always spot every little thing in a second with all my bunnies. Well, I asked and asked my boyfriend how all happened, what the vet said, and I was totally not convinced.

    So a couple of days later I picked him up and I saw that my little finger could slip inside his fur ... and that it was dry and stiff. So I decided to go immediatly to the vet to show him and out what that was. He checked it and there was a huge infection on the live skin under the fur, the fur was completely dead, you could remove it like it was a coat. It was really schocking, my eyes filled up with tears seeing that. And that vet told me: "That's a really bad nasty infection caused by some parasite, and he is gonna loose all the fur, and he is gonna be in pain and suffer so much, I will give him some antibiotics and see how he is in the next three days, but most likely we will have to put him down, this cannot be treated."

    This was devastating news. I felt totally helpless, like something was breaking inside me. I drove all the way home crying. I couldn't accept that I had to put him down. So my boyfriend quickly searched for another vet for a second opinion, and he found a rabbit specialist. The next day I went there with Luffy - I must add here that Luffy was behaving totally normal, which is really impressive, considering how badly he was injured. So the new vet checked it and I explained the whole story to him.

    Here is what I need to mention that I learned from the visit to that second vet:
  1. This bunny wasn't eight weeks old when we got him.
  2. His inmune system wasn't as strong as a healthy bunny would have. I think it is because he should have been with his mother longer.
  3. The veterinarian who wanted to put him down was crazy.
  4. His infection was very nasty and it would be a very slow process to heal, but it was treatable.
  5. The infection likely came from old wound that nobody noticed and got infected as was never treated (no thanks to the first vet!).
    You can imagine how good I felt after hearing that could be cured! This little fighter was gonna make make it, I was sure!

    So the treatment was that every day he needed injections of antibiotics, and medicine by mouth, and every three hours the wound needed to be cleaned with a special liquid. He had to staying only on towels, making sure he was clean all the time, so no pee and poo around him.

    Luffy was taking it all like the best bunny ever. He also had to go for a check with the vet every five to six days, which can be stressful for an animal, but he took it well, always being so nice, calm and brave! I feel so proud of this little fluffy guy! I bet he was hating me for all the daily "medicines-torture," but he never scratched me or bit me. I think if he could talk, he would have said: "Okay, do it... if that is what it takes."

    So slowly the wound was getting smaller and smaller. His skin had to grow a new layer, so fur could grow again. By one month later baby Luffy was totally recovered. He has now gained 500 grams and is enjoying his life to the fullest! Of course he is very spoiled by me and my boyfriend, I am sure he knows it. Funny enough I have to be careful because he still wants to fight with the older bunny we have, as if he didn't have enough with being wounded!

    I love him so much and he is the sweetest and fearless bunny I ever met. He has been through so much and he is still here standing like a warrior, I am so proud of him. I feel so lucky I found him, and I hope he feels lucky to be ours too.

    Hope you enjoyed this little sad story with a very happy ending, that actually is happy beginning for Luffy, I am sure after all his inmune system became stronger, too, once he got the correct veterinary care and medicines. He is now perfectly fine.

   Sending out so much bunny love,

   Diana and Luffy

Luffy, the Pet of the Day
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Luffy, the Pet of the Day
Luffy, the Pet of the Day
Luffy, the Pet of the Day
Luffy, the Pet of the Day
Luffy, the Pet of the Day

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