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November 23, 2012

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Berti, the Pet of the Day
Name: Berti
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Hanover, Germany
   Hello! This my pet Bert (but everybody calls him Berti). He is so special because he is very talented for a Guinea pig! He has a fantastic soul, a very special awesome character and is a dream of a guinea pig! I love him so much!

    The things Berti love to do the most are sleeping and eating, but he also likes to jump! Yes, Berti and his brother are very skilled at jumping. The reason is because we have these little horse-like obsctacles, but for our guinea pigs! My neighbour makes them just for them, and as you can see, they are just the right size! And they are little Internet stars, all of my guinea pigs are very well know on Youtube and deviantart!

    Now, more about Bert! He loves his brother, and they live together, too. He can't do many tricks, but he just can jump over the little obstacles and sometimes he does it so very well that he looks like a very little horse in guinea pig form! So funny! Most of the time after his jumping exercises, which we do once a week or so, he gets his yogurt treat, he loves them so much Berti would die for them! It's very funny to see that if I make noises with the packaging, Berti freaks out because he knows exactly that it's his treats! Sometimes, he also climbs high up the little ramp of his cage just to get closer to them.

    Berti also loves to chill out with my three other guinea pigs, they hang out outdoors in the summer, in their big cage, and he loves being on, and nibbling at the grass! Berti is sometimes very stubborn and moody, but he is so lovely! He loves to cuddle with me over some another people! His soul is just so pure and lovely, that I can't describe it very well. But I can say that when Berti loves you, he never stops and he will assure that you know you are a special person who has earned the love!

   Here are some videos: Meerschweinchenspringen 3 and Meerschweinchenspringen 4.

Berti, the Pet of the Day
Berti, the Pet of the Day

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