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November 13, 2012

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Baby Girl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Baby Girl
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sugar glider
Home: Orange Park, Florida, USA
   This is Baby Girl. She is my first sugar glider. She has been such fun. We got her at six months old. She loves to play with toy cars and loves climbing up my blinds. She has recently learned to glide. If someone holds her, she will glide back to me. I have learned a lot since we have had her, like their nails are incredibly sharp. I have scratches all over my arms and shoulder from her climbing around me. But that's the love I have for her, I don't mind.

    She is really good and doesn't make a lot of noise at night like I had read they can do. I also read they are smelly. But she isn't really that smelly either, as long as I wipe her cage every day. She is such a cool little pet. But if you make her mad, she make such a loud noise for being such a small creature. She almost sounds like a pencil sharper. lol I love her very much!

Baby Girl, the Pet of the Day
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Baby Girl, the Pet of the Day
Baby Girl, the Pet of the Day

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