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November 3, 2012

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Rocky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rocky
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Irish Sports Horse
Home: Wales
   This is one of my horses, a gelding called Rocky. Rocky is now seven years old and he is a Dun Irish Sports Horse. His official name is Roan Rock but we call him Rocky. Rocky does get a lot of compliments about his color. I brought Rocky from Ireland two years ago and I had him in a livery yard, but now he lives at my house in the countryside in Wales. With him living at my house, it means I have a lot more time to spend with him and to take him for long, relaxing hacks up the mountain, where he loves to have a canter. Rocky had never been on hacks before until he came to my house and he seems to really enjoy them. Rocky specializes in showjumping and I hope to do a lot of shows on him next year in the summer.

    Rocky has a very friendly personality and loves company but he does also like to show who is boss to the two mares who live with him. Rocky is a very nervous horse and spooks at a lot of little things, like the other day he spooked at a pile of dead leaves in the road (very scary!), but his confidence is starting to build as he trusts me. I love to go down to the field in the evening to let him in to his stable as he is waiting at the gate and when he sees me, he calls to me. I love Rocky with all my heart and I'm very proud with how his confidence is building. I love seeing him improve day by day.

Rocky, the Pet of the Day
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Rocky, the Pet of the Day
Rocky, the Pet of the Day

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