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May 25, 2012

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Brownie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Brownie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lop rabbit
Home: Wetzlar, Germany
   My rabbit Brownie is three years old and she was a present from my grandpa. She is brown and black. On her nose Brownie has a white spot. She has two cages, one for playing and one for sleeping. Brownie loves watching TV and bathing. When I play with her, she makes funny noises. Sometimes I watching TV with her on my lap.

    Brownie was born on May 10th, 2009. She is very lovely to other pets and kids and Brownie can do some tricks: For example she can jump, stand up and roll over. We often jumped together on my trampoline. When she was younger, she was very shy, so I wasn't able to play with her. Her favorite food is salad, rabbit loops and carrots. She doesn't like it when you put her in a carrier and when she must go to the doctor. Brownie is wary of foxes and cats. She falls asleep very fast at the end of each day, because she plays the whole day!

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