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May 24, 2012

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The Countessa, the Pet of the Day
Name: The Countessa
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian Hamster
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   The Countessa was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society in May 2012. While surfing online to see what animals were up for adoption at the humane society, I saw there were three boys available names Alt, Control and Scroll. I thought this was so cute. When I went to the society to purchase some food and hay for my chinchillas, I wandered into the adoptable pet area and asked if those three boys were still available. They were and there were two others available as well, one being The Countessa (her appointed name). She was only $5 and came with a cage so how could I resist? I gathered up my chinchilla food and my new friend.

    After I got her home, I realized that she was quite big. I had only had dwarf hamsters before so I hadn't realized she was much larger. I also noticed that the cage and wheel she came with were much too small for her. So off I went to the store to find a more suitable cage and wheel.

    Long story short, The Countessa is now a proud resident of Ware Natural Wood Cage which is eco-friendly so I consider The Countess a "green" hamster. I also decided to order the ASPCA-approved Wodent Wheel so that she was safe, happy ... and above all, quiet!

    The Countessa is a delight! She is full of personality and extremely friendly. She is housed near one of my chinchillas, Mister Tibbs, and they seem to enjoy each other's antics while spinning respectively on their wheels. Her favorite activity is to climb the side of her cage and then monkey-bar across the top eventually dropping down safely onto her bedding. She also recently got a coconut house which I put food into and she loves to wiggle in, retrieve the food to hide safely around her cage.

    Her other favorite activity is her wheel which she runs in nightly for up to four hours. Buying a quiet wheel was the best investment I could have done!

   The Countess has personality +++.

   Here is a video in her old cage with the small wheel.

The Countessa, the Pet of the Day
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The Countessa, the Pet of the Day
The Countessa, the Pet of the Day

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