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May 23, 2012

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Mojo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mojo
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Deltona, Florida, USA
   This is Mojo. He has a wonderful story that starts out with neglect, health problems, and malnutrition, all of which he has put in the past because of his extreme love for attention and affection. I've taken in birds in similar situations but never have I seen a bird turn around this quick.

    When we first got him, we took a picture and his crop in it is huge because we gave him Zu-Preme pellets and an avicake, and he ate like he was starving. His beak was over grown and starting to grow crooked because he had no toys to chew on. His left eye was pink and puffy. His previous diet was cereal and his treats were candy corn. His prior owner said "sometimes he will let you pet his back but he tries to bite when he's had enough." She also told us "He never comes of his cage, won't step up, and is very cage aggressive to the point where he will lunge at anyone who walks by." He got a shower only once a month when they rolled his cage outside to rinse him and the cage.

    As you can see, he isn't the ravaging beast they thought he was. My wife spent hours working on his cage getting the perches and toys just right. The vet gave us oral antihistamine and topical antibiotic ointment for his eye. I was petting him and when he turned to bite I didn't move, he grabbed my finger and licked it, when he let go he said "ouch ouch ouch" and grabbed it again for another lick. I did endure a couple bites getting him to step up but as you can see in the picture, I won.

    On day twelve, he visited Petsupermarket, the park, and PetCo. He is comfortable enough that he allows me to put a harness on him. He loves attention so we went to the pet stores so he would associate the harness with going out to have fun. The visit to the park was to allow him to fly and burn off some energy.

    On day thirteen we got the camera out again to record some of his progress. (See Mojo lovins video). He is now my snuggle bug. He is starting to warm up to my wife as well, she is able to pet him and change his food and water without being the target of intimidation. I still need to work on a bad habit of his though, He will pinch me with his beak, no hard enough to leave a mark, and then say "ouch" followed by a laugh. His beak is shorter, not as sharp, and we are hoping that with toys to chew and a proper diet it will straighten up on it's own.

    Two weeks, some understanding, and lots of forgiveness is what it took to turn a beautiful four year old blue and gold macaw named Mojo into a lifelong friend. But I have to give credit to Puffers the Quaker and Papito the Congo African Grey. These two wonderful members of our family in my opinion are the true heroes here, They set perfect examples for Mojo. I truly believe that Mojo envied these two and showed him how great life can be for a pet bird.

    Periodically I would pickup either Papito or Puffers and stand a few feet away from Mojo's cage and give them scratches, praise and treats. I would tell them "step up" from one hand to the other and give them a treat each time. I would also do my bedtime routine with puffers in front of Mojo. During all of these "show-n-tell" sessions Mojo watched intently, he even started to say "step up" and lift one of his feet, this is also how he picked up the kissing noise.

    Mojo never will have to suffer neglect and malnutrition again, he is now a loving and much loved bird.

Mojo, the Pet of the Day
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Mojo, the Pet of the Day
Mojo, the Pet of the Day

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