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May 20, 2012

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Red, the Pet of the Day
Name: Red
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Lored Amazon Parrot
Home: Methuen, Massachusetts, USA
   I have only had Red since March 24, 2012 when I took him in because his elderly sick owner died and her husband was sick also and he could not take care of Red. He really needed tender loving care. His skin was really dry. His beak and claws were way overgrown, so much so that he couldn't climb or eat very well and the fact that they were both heavy smokers, his voice was raspy. He didn't even have a decent cage. Beside the problems he had, though, he was very good natured.

    Now it is only a a month and a half and he looks beautiful and seems to be very healthy and talkative. Red has a great personality. He is very affectionate and puts his head down for me to scratch it. He likes to stay out of the cage. He calls a cat, "Here kitty kitty" and then he meows, barks like a dog and says "I love you Red." As for tricks he is just learning to walk around his cage because his claws were so long, so now he's very careful so he won't fall.

    I love this bird dearly because he is gentle, he puts my finger in his mouth but won't bite. I have another Yellow Nape Amazon who is lovable but quite tough. I now have six birds. A cockatiel, a Quaker who was also a rescue and very gentle and lovable. I also have a parakeet a Bourke Parakeet.

    Red calls my husband Pa Pa. Once in a while he'll say "I love you Dot," that's my name. We all love him.

Red, the Pet of the Day

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