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May 16, 2012

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Aurelio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Aurelio
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Kiger Mustang
Home: Washington State, USA
   Aurelio has quite a story. He is, after all, the mustang colt we bought going off of a two-inch picture in a catalog.

    Last October, my mom and I were finally ready to embark on the adventure that had been a long time coming: to adopt a mustang from the Bureau of Land Management. We arrived at the adoption event with a few horses we liked in mind, but were outbid. As the first round finished, my mom and I were trying to regroup, looking through the catalog at horses that hadn't received bids and would be offered again in the second round. We spotted a lean, leggy yearling who seemed to have a great deal of potential, so when the auctioneer called his number we made our final attempt - and got him.

    At the adoption event, Aurelio was in a large pen with around 30 other one to two year old colts, the majority of which were the same dun color as he is. My mom and I never got a really good look at him in real life until he arrived at the boarding facility later that week. Luck was on our side however; we soon discovered that we had adopted a kind, intelligent, talented, and incredibly handsome colt.

    Aurelio was understandably wary of humans and all of their strange habits at first. It required a great deal of patience and persistence, but today Aurelio has blossomed into a confident and affectionate colt. He loves being groomed, knows all of his ground manners, and enjoys playing in the field with the barn owner's horses. When he is three years old, we will start his training under saddle. He will participate with us in dressage and trail riding. I look forward to many many years of partnership with our amazing Kiger Mustang!

Aurelio, the Pet of the Day
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Aurelio, the Pet of the Day
Aurelio, the Pet of the Day
Aurelio, the Pet of the Day

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