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May 9, 2012

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Malachai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Malachai
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Lorikeet
Home: Tennessee, USA
   Malachai is one of the spunkiest birds I've ever owned. He loves everyone and he's always happy to see us when we come home. He plays soccer on the bottom of his cage 'cause when he's out, he rather be on us hanging off our shirts being sweet and observe everything when we walk through the house. The day we saw him was at the bird fair, I've never purchase birds from bird fair ever in all the years I've been there. But this little guy stole our heart. The handler couldn't get him to come out without using a towel and I got him to come out without struggle. He hopped right onto my arm and walked up my arm and then lay his head on my shoulder. I knew I was in trouble right then and there. The handler was surprised to see that and said I've been the only person he's done that with and he really likes me.

    So we took him home, but unfortunately he wasn't weaned properly so he was still begging to be fed and it really upset me. Since he's a nectar feeder, and I had only gotten a little bag of it from the handler, I had to quickly order some online. I received the order damaged with the powder leaking everywhere. I was not about to use it so I sent it back for a replacement and it was going to be another week before I got some and I was about to be out of formula. I broke down and cried cause I didn't want him to starve and not get the proper nutrition he needed. All the pet shops pretty much stopped carrying nectar. Thank goodness for a breeder friend of mine who had some on hand. I bought it from him to hold Malachai over until his nectar got here.

    He's such a sweetie pie that made us to be his slave, but we really couldn't ask for a better bird. He will hop like a bunny and follow us everywhere we go and likes to go inside of our shirts and cuddle. He'll sleep in your shirt too. He'll lay on his back to play and roll the ball around with his feet, he's just a joyful bird!

    Malachai squeaks and chatters a lot. He does make a high pitched screech that'll make you deaf for a bit if he does it by your ear. He's got a great personality and he loves being with us whenever possible. He gets his warm nectar every night while he gets fruits and veggies during the day with some dry nectar sprinkled over it. He gets lory nuggets once a week, and fresh filtered water daily. He loves toys, especially the ones with bells in it. He rolls them around or kick it like playing soccer. He kisses us every day and hangs on our shirts to observe everything. He's a silly spunky bird! I would recommend Black Lory to anyone as long as they can deal with the mess they make and their dietary requirements. He's one of my top picks for a great companion!!!

Malachai, the Pet of the Day
Malachai, the Pet of the Day

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