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May 4, 2012

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Fritz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fritz
Age: Five days old
Gender: Male
Kind: Duck
Home: Greenville, South Carolina, USA
   This is Fritz, and he is five days old. He is a duck! He lives with our family in Greenville, South Carolina. He loves swimming in his own little pool (a plastic tote) and follows us around chirping frantically if we get too far out of sight!

    Fritz was a gift from our oldest son to our youngest, who is eight. We've never had a duck and he bought him because he thought he was cute and that a duck would be a unique pet. He does not know his name or really have much of a personality beyond what I already said, as he is still learning about the world - he is only five days old. He is still getting used to being around us but he definitely does not like to be alone! Of course he loves the water. We are all looking forward to see him grow and learn, he seems to get bigger overnight while we sleep!

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