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March 29, 2012

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Chia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chia
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
   Chia is a mosaic chinchilla. We first got her because we had the opportunity and a cage from a baby squirrel I had rescued in the early fall. When we gave the squirrel to a rehabber, I felt the need to have something to care for. It had been years since I had a pet, and after some research we decided on getting a chinchilla, mainly because they live so long!

    We got Chia in September 2011 from a back yard breeder on Kijiji, so I do consider her a rescue. Her living situation was not ideal before we took her, and her previous owners were not knowledgable. In fact, Chia was a Chester for the first couple of months living with us; we were told she was a he. A reputable breeder came and gave her a look-over, and informed us that our little boy was actually a little girl! After some thought, we decided to change her name to Chia.

    She's still a bit hesitant with us, and likes to have everything done on her own terms. We can't pick her up, but she will sit our shoulders or heads if she feels like it. She is much more affectionate with my boyfriend than she is with me (just because she doesn't know buys all the toys!) She's extremely hesitant around visitors still, but I always let any new people offer her a treat, which seems to win her over slightly. Once she's outside of the cage, she is very playful with anyone who's around, and will use any person as a jungle gym.

    Chia's favorite things are being out of her cage, chewing on pieces of wood and dust baths! She'll do anything for a Shreddie or a piece of apple wood, and sometimes gets upset when she's given any other treat. She is quirky though: when we give her a treat, she doesn't just take it from us and eat it. She usually runs somewhere and hides while eating it, as if she's afraid we'll take it away from her!

    We love her very much and look forward to spending many years with her!

Chia, the Pet of the Day
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Chia, the Pet of the Day
Chia, the Pet of the Day
Chia, the Pet of the Day

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