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March 24, 2012

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Limlears, the Pet of the Day
Name: Limlears
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Calumet, Michigan, USA
   Limlears is a very good bird, although he has done some naughty thing though. Like one time he was siting in his cage and I walked out of my room to ask my dad something and Limlears tried to follow me! I yelled at him for it because he knows better. About five minutes later he said please? I was shocked because he's never said an English word before.

    I taught Limlears to step-up in just two days. I also taught him a trick. He can walk backwards on my finger. Sometimes he will sit on my shoulder when I do my homework.

    Limlears is the cutest bird I have ever seen. I love him very much. Although he can be very stubborn, I still think that he is the best bird any one could ask for. (But doesn't everyone say that about there bird)? Whenever I come home he is waiting for me. He loves being held and enjoys being on my shoulder. I hope to spend many years with him.

    Limlears is a night birdie. He plays and starts everything around 7:00pm. Most of the time in the day he just eats and sits on his perch. His favorite treat is spray millet. He sings to loud music, too. Every time my dad yells at me, Limlears yells at me to. I am hoping that he will attached to me. Limlears' wings are clipped because my dad prefers that. Whenever my mom's friends come over they ask to hold him.

    Limlears did some flying in the house the other day. My mom took him out, and he flew all the way to the bathroom from his cage, with clipped wings! It was a good 30 feet, and he didn't break any feathers either.

    At night, Limlears likes to be next to me wrapped up in my blanket. He sometimes lets me pet him and scratch his neck. It is a special moment for me when he does, because he doesn't do that a lot. He let me kiss him, too.

    One day, I want to put him on the kitchen table with a bouncy-ball. I heard that a parakeet will roll it off of the table because they like to watch it fall. I'm teaching him to say I love you, too. He already cocks his head to listen to me.

    I got Limlears a new toy, and a honey stick treat and a cuttlebone. I hope he'll play with the toy, but unless I stay up all night, I don't think I will see him play with it. As I said earlier, he is a night birdie.

    The other day, I took Limlears outside. I brought him outside on my shoulder and he jumped off and ran under my dad's truck, which is bad because I couldn't fit under his truck. I caught him, and brought him back inside so he wouldn't get lost.

    I made him a little "play" house at the local theater, and he loves it! There's a little decorative wooden cart in the "yard" there. Inside of the cart is very loose dirt, so I stuck pine branches in the soil so that way it would look like trees. Then I stuck two triangular pieces (about inch in a half thick and three inches long) in there, and put a branch on top of them to be a perch for him. This is so it serves as a shelter from the wind if he gets cold. I stuck some dead grass in the shelter so that it would be softer. Do you now what he did with the grass? He started building a nest! And eating it! I don't now why he did this. Instinct, I guess. He didn't like the shelter at first, but after a few times of him trying it out, well, let's just put it this way, after that, it was hard to get him out! But the next time, he didn't like it, popped out and ran under a car. It took me ten minutes to get him out. I had to give him a bath because he ended up covered in dirt. One I put him back in the cage and called him a bad boy and then walked away, he started parakeet talking to me, I think he wanted to go back outside.

    He has a favorite place in the living room. There's a stand in the living room. He sits there most of the time he's out of his cage. I do want to take him outside again, when the weather is nice. He's really starting to enjoy being outside, but I have to be careful so he doesn't run under a car again. I want to keep him safe, I love him very much.

Limlears, the Pet of the Day
Limlears, the Pet of the Day

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