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March 18, 2012

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Jerry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jerry
Age: One year, five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Short haired Guinea Pig
Home: India
   Jerry is a guinea pig loved by all. The cutest parts are his eyes and lips that are in the shape of a short 'u'. He is brown, black and white colored with brown and black only on the front. We rescued him in November, 2010 when he was a short, tiny one! We treat him like our little one.

    His hobby is being petted. Just put a hand near him and he's ready to sleep! At night, he runs all over the house, from room to room making cute short sounds. He loves to sleep in any soft thing just as soft as him and sleeps in all blankets and sweaters! He has a very shy nature and does not entertain any unknown people. I remember once we were out of town for a day and he was being given food, but still when we came back he showed his anger for one whole week! The best part is when mum calls his name and he starts jumping and wheeking.

    His favorite food is grass. Whenever he gets a carrot he immediately grabs it and runs as if someone's gonna steal his carrot. Don't know if it's true or not, but we've observed that whenever he's in a jolly mood, his right ear turns pink from white! Jerry likes playing and is fun to play with too. :)

Jerry, the Pet of the Day

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