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March 17, 2012

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Mister Tibbs, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mister Tibbs
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   I'm pleased to introduce myself. My name is Mister Tibbs. I am a extra dark ebony chinchilla and I originally came from a ranch on the edge of the Angeles National Forest in Southern California. My first mom was Katy and she asked my new mom, Annie, to take care of me late last year. I came complete with a beautiful Ferret Nation 142 cage and my favorite chin spin wheel.

    I was born in early 2009 and have always had a very happy life. In December 2011 I came to live with Annie and my new best friend, Handbag the Chinchilla. There is also a dog that lives with us and her name is Mudslide. Mudslide is very nice and doesn't bother me ever.

    Handbag is a big star on YouTube and also on Facebook but he sometimes lets me share my pictures on his Facebook page. While we live in separate cages, we enjoy each other's company from afar. Whenever I hear him on his wheel, I go to my wheel and try to run faster and louder.

    I love to chew things and my favorite chew toy is a popsicle stick twirly hanger. I make a big mess when I'm done, but it is fun. I also like my spinning wheel... very much. While Annie and Mudslide are sleeping, I like to spin around and get my exercise in the middle of the night.

    I also like sticks. My favorite are apple and kiwi sticks. They are deeeelicious! My mom sometimes gives me a dried rose hip to eat as a treat or a sugar-free shredded wheat. Mostly I eat hay and Oxbow pellets. I'm a simple guy.

    For fun I like to run around in my chin-safe room and jump all over my mom. It's a great way to exercise and lot's of fun. Sometimes my mom carries me around in her sweatshirt pocket... I like that! We also like to watch TV together but usually I just fall asleep.

   I love my life and I hope I live with Annie, Handbag and Mudslide forever.

Mister Tibbs, the Pet of the Day
Mister Tibbs, the Pet of the Day

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