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March 2, 2012

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Mojave, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mojave
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   This is Mojave, a normal green cheek conure. He is a little over two years old and is from Wisconsin. Mojave is special because I raised him from six and a half weeks old. I finished hand feeding him. He likes to play dead in your hands, that's his favorite trick to do. He calls me mommy, too. I am not even sure where he learned it because we don't have kids here to say mommy. He is not really affectionate but not really independent either. He likes to eat people food when we eat. And he just likes to be around us, whatever we are doing. I love him.

    Well I had always wanted a green cheek. We went to a bird fair in the next state and looked around there was a gal that had three baby green cheeks. We had choice as we were there first and he chose us. He loves to hang upside down like a bat, loves to eat, and I have even caught him stealing some of my saltine crackers when he is out. He isn't a screamer unless I don't get to his cage fast enough in the morning. Then he lets me know he wants his mommy. If my husband gets up before I do Mojave will call out for me so my husband will bring him into bed by me and he will snuggle up to me. He is such a lover.

    He doesn't have a favorite treat but is willing to try just about everything we offer him. He is still such a baby. I just got done handfeeding a clutch of lovebirds for somebody and he insisted he get some of the leftover formula. I don't mind that at all because now, if ever he got sick and I had to syringe feed him, he would not give me issues. He is the only one of my birds with a middle hame his middle name is Mychael(just like Michael). He likes to go outside with his harness on and play in the yard, we have even taken him on car rides with us and he perches on our shoulder and enjoys the view. As far as how he gets along with other birds, he does great we call him the little greeter. He always wants to make any newcomer feel welcome be it a human or another animal. He loves my dogs and will even preen them and at first he scared them but now they don't mind.

    The one of him with another green cheek is his sister Mojito who passed away March of 2010. Both Mojave and I miss his sister very much.

Mojave, the Pet of the Day
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Mojave, the Pet of the Day
Mojave, the Pet of the Day
Mojave, the Pet of the Day
Mojave, the Pet of the Day

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